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Milky Way
/ Freeman Expanse / Merric
Planet View
Orbital Distance: 1 AU
Orbital Period: 1 Earth Year
Keplerian Ratio: N/A
Radius: 6,612 km
Day Length: 24.2 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 3 atm
Surface Temp: 22 °C
Surface Gravity: 1 g
Mass: 1 Earth Mass
Satellites: 1

Location: Milky WayFreeman ExpanseMerric SystemThird planet

Species: Human
Colony Founded: 2150
Population: 20,567,650,000
Capital: Olympus

Description Edit

Rigel is a terrestrial planet located in the Merric System just a few light-years away from the

Sol System

. One of the first worlds discovered by humanity capable of sustaining life, it was quickly terraformed and colonized.

Today, Rigel is one of the model of human development and order. Because Rigel has a diverse biosphere capable of supporting life from


, a large number of farms have started on it's surface making it one of the largest producers of food for the Alliance.

Additional Information Edit

Rigel is located only a few light-years from Earth, placing it in the "Aegis Ring", a region of space that is heavily-protected by the Systems Alliance. It is a pristine world with many beautiful landscapes and small towns. Olympus is the colonial capital of Rigel and is one of the first "clean cities" in human history, running completely on renewable energy and having nearly a complete lack of crime. It is effectively governed by Nigel Alen.

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