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Orbital Distance: 1.3 AU
Orbital Period: 2 Earth Days
Keplerian Ratio: 0.963
Radius: 6,988 km
Day Length: 52 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 0.96 atm
Surface Temp: °C
Surface Gravity: g
Mass: 1

Rising was one of the human colonies attacked by the Indoctrinated. Ambrose and his crew got there just as the invasion was beginning, and managed to save the colony just in the nick of time.

An Invasion CeasedEdit

A majority of the colony was saved when Ambrose managed to activate an AA Tower and damage the Indoctrinated cruisers in orbit. They were so heavily damaged and the attack by a single AA Gun (let alone a still functioning one) was so unexpected that they were caught with their ships' weaknesses exposed. Of course, by dereliction of duty, Ambrose was deemed rogue, and the Council blamed him for the deaths of many colonists, spreading propaganda that he had caused the destruction of the colony of Rising. Ambrose thought they were just jealous, but Saline, the Communications Officer aboard the Pegasus, suggested there may be a deeper reason than that.

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