The Carpathia is Nova class frigate, part of the 5th Fleet. Its construction began July 17, 2180 BCE, three years before the Siege of the Citadel. Named after the HMS Carpathia for her heroic actions with the HMS Titanic Disaster, being a troop ship for the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War 1 and her sinking in July 17, 1918 by the German U-boat U-55.

Statistics Edit

Length: 100 meters

Weight: 1,000 tons

Crew: 45

Armament Edit

  • Mass Accelerator
  • Laser Array
  • Plasma Turrets
  • Disruptor Torpedo
  • Plasma Torpedo

Notable Crew Edit

  • Commander Thomas Marcus Scott- Commanding Officer (CO)
  • Lieutenant Sonya Aurora- Executive Officer (XO)
  • Flight Lieutenant April Harper- Chief Helmsmen
  • Navigator Michael Duframe- Chief Navigator
  • Engineer Synthia Williams- Chief Engineer
  • Doctor Megan Lieu- Chief Medical Officer
  • Major George Fritz- Marine Commander
  • Warrant Officer Jesscia Wilson- Marine Detail Commander
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Heather Cortez- Requisitions Officer
  • Master Sergeant Heather Misty- Marine
  • Lance Corporal Charles Edwards- Marine
  • Private First Class Heather Robson- Marine
  • Private Roderick Millard- Marine
  • Private Emma Bradford- Marine

Former Crew Edit

  • Lieutenant Jennifer Snyder- Executive Officer (XO) KIA
  • Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Harker- Chief Helmsmen KIA
  • Navigator Alexander Johnson- Chief Navigator KIA
  • Engineer James Lloyd- Chief Engineer KIA
  • Doctor Allen Gene- Chief Medical Offcier KIA
  • Captian Nickas Smith- Marine Commander KIA
  • Warrant Officer Lance Johnson- Marine Detail Commander KIA 
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Joshua Evans- Requisitions Officer KIA
  • Staff Sergeant Rick Dector- Marine KIA
  • Corporal Parker Smith- Marine KIA
  • Private Heather Reyes- Marine KIA
  • Private Charles Chin- Marine KIA
  • Lance Corporal Heather Stevensons- Marine KIA

Additional Crew Edit

  • 5 Bridge Crew (two females)
  • 6 CIC Officers (four females)
  • 9 Command Deck Technicians (6 females)
  • 4 Engineers (one female)
  • 2 Requisitions Officers (both females)   

Notable Action Edit

The Carpathia's first assignment was patrolling the Attican Traverse to protect human colonies. The Carpathia first saw action three months after her construction, aganist batarian slavers who were attempting to raid the colony Hellion Prime, a world similar in nature to Eden Prime. The Carpathia along with three other ships, the cruisers SSV Nevada and SSV Quebec, and the carrier SSV Toba, managed to repel the invading batarians.  

The Carpathia later took part in the Siege of the Citadel, managing to destroy several geth dropships, and was one of the ships to engage Sovereign and was nearly destroyed by one of Sovereign's powerful beam weapon. 

Aftermath Edit

The Carpathia lost 90% of its crew including the Navigator, Engineer, Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer. Later the Carpathia was salvaged, rebuilt and refitted for active duty.  

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