The SSV Hyperion is a Titan-class Dreadnought and lead ship in the 7th fleet of the Citadel Alliance. The Hyperion was one of the first Titan Dreadnoughts in the Citadel Alliance, being commissioned in July 4th of 2202. Since its construction, the Hyperion has recieved many repairs and upgrades. It is named after one of the titans of Greek mythology.

Design and Upgrades Edit

Like all other Titan-class dreadnoughts, the Hyperion has a super Mass Accelerator Cannon, however, the Hyperion has had its cannon upgraded to fire Protoenergetic Bolts equal to 40 kilotons of TNT. The ship also has an automated navigation system and advanced GARDIAN technology that destroys incoming debris, allowing it to move easily through debris fields despite its large size.

Crew Edit

  • Desmond Lewis-Commanding Officer
  • Leona Pressly-Executive Officer
  • Jason Lee-Ship Navigator
  • Miranda Scott-Ship Doctor
  • Rosanne Hilson-Flight Lieutenant
  • Adam Bleu-Gunnery Chief

Additional Crew

  • 14 bridge crew
  • 15 CIC officers
  • 11 command deck technicians
  • 11 engineers
  • 2 requisitions officers
  • 20 marines

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