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The SSV King is a massive Alliance-designed Carrier. Commissioned in 2185, the super-sized ship was to join Fifth Fleet to help bolster their forces after the Battle of the Citadel, but the vessel was captured just two days before its launch by Shogun. Now, the carrier acts as the organization's main base of operations. All of its tracking equipment has been deactivated to keep the Alliance from tracking it down. Its position is never set in stone as it moves periodically, though it does usually occupy space in the Nemean Abyss.

The massive naval carrier was named in respect to Martin Luther King Jr., the pivotal American civil rights leader.

Complement Edit

The SSV King is equipped with a very extensive


system. To increase the ship's defenses, Indigo commissioned the addition of extra mass accelerator cannons which line the sides of the ship, and 

Thanix Lasers

have been mounted on various parts of the ship for a quick and devastating response to almost any threat. Extra armor plating was added to the ship to increase its defenses, and Indigo managed to get a new drive core from some of her Cerberus connections, giving the ship a far greater energy reading.

As a carrier, it is only natural for the ship to hold a few dozen small crafts in its large hangars. A few dozen Alliance starfighters which were loaded onto the ship prematurely line the inside of the hangars, while captured cargo freighters sit on much of the main floors. Shogun's main operations ship, the Black Jack, is located in the carrier's front hangar along with many other small frigates and Scout Drones.

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