The SSV Makalu is an Alliance dreadnaught. It is one of the Citadel Alliance's more powerful and unique dreadnoughts.

Overview Edit

The SSV Makalu is a massive vessel at 1,520 feet long. It occupies a crew of more than 250 and carries a heavy assortment of offensive, defensive, and neutral tools. The Makalu has a Mass Accelerator Cannon at the front of the ship and dozens of other weapons at it's disposal. It has an advanced GARDIAN system and powerful Kinetic Barriers. The SSV Makalu has a smart VI named VIcki which assists in operating many of the ship's tools such as the GARDIAN and the engines. A Type-2 FTL Drive allows for the ship to travel at high speeds even for its immense size. The ship holds atleast 30 M35 Makos and 10 M42 Great Whites. The Makalu entered service on October 17th, 2215.

Weaponry Edit

The Makalu makes use of very powerful weaponry, most of which have never been used on any ship until the creation of the SSV Makalu.

Defense Edit

Crew Edit

Additional Edit

  • 12 bridge crew
  • 40 deckhands
  • 30 weapons technicians
  • 50 marines
  • 10 VI software technicians
  • 10 CIC officers
  • 5 requisitions officer
  • 25 engineers
  • 25 doctors
  • 20 custodians
  • 40 Maintenance Drones

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