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SSV Okinawa (SF-45)
SSV Okinawa
Production information

Yorktown-class Heavy Frigate


Luna Orbital Spaceworks

Technical specifications
Service information

Reaper crisis (2183)

  • Ship-to-Ship Combat
  • Escort of Capital Ships
Affiliation and Personnel information

Systems Alliance Navy


S.A. Arcturus Fleet


3rd Destroyer Flotilla

Known commander(s)

CDR Keira Mikawa


The SSV Okinawa (SF-352) was a Yorktown-class Heavy Frigate in commission with the Systems Alliance Navy from 2182 until her destruction in 2185.

Her first commanding officer was then-Lieutenant Commander Keira Mikawa, who took command of the Okinawa just months prior to the beginning of the Reaper crisis of 2183. During the Siege of the Citadel, Okinawa provided escort for the Dreadnought SSV Fuji.


Senior StaffEdit

(as of 1 January 2184)

  • Commanding Officer — CDR Keira Mikawa
  • Executive Officer — LCDR Kizori Kitagawa
  • Chief of the Boat — SOC Jonathan Maleev
  • Marine Officer-in-Charge — Capt James McQueen

  • Chief Helmsman — LT James Halsey
  • Chief Engineer — LT Charlie McKenna
  • Communications Officer — LT Paul Kim Staten
  • Security Officer — LT Hoshi Morello
  • Science Officer — LT Jack O'Connor
  • Chief Medical Officer — Dr. Teira Calis (Asari exchange officer)

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