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3 - копия
SSV Phoenix SR-4 or otherwise known MIR-16 it is a forth installment in Phoenix series ships. It was created by Epsilon after the batarians blowed up the third model. It was given to Commander James Shepard. It is a frigate and unlike other frigates created by Alliance it is not named after a historical battle because it is created by Epsilon who name their shapes whatever they like.

Internal layoutEdit

Commanders QuartersEdit

Commander’s quarters are highest of all decks on Phoenix. It has a large room with a terminal and bed. It has some working place. There is an aquarium and advertisement to now what’s happening in the galaxy. There is a locker with all armor’s and outfits stored. There is place to store ship models. It has a virtual Inter-galactic TV and also emergency ship controls, which are used when the pilot can’t control the ship.

Combat Information Centre(CIC)Edit

CIC on this ship is very much the same as on normandy’s . The briefing room is twice larger. Lab is better and bigger, the same as the Armory. The cabin is bigger and more comfortable and has a specific N.Q.A.M.E. (Nitro Quantum Artificial Mechanic Engine) which helps the ship to act the way it should.

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