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After the success of the prototype Normandy SR2 and Shepard's assault on the Collectors, the Alliance and Cerberus began unofficially working together on similar ships. One such ship, the Thermopylae, is designed with emphasis on its parent ship's stealth drive while compensating for its lack of firepower. Thermopylae carries an AI similar to EDI, which fills the role of pilot by default, but which can be re-assigned to other functions, even assuming full control of the ship, essentially making Thermopylae a potentially automated ship; however, Cerberus installed failsafes prevent the AI, LI-0 (pronounced, "leo") from assuming control of any system without confirmation of the captain. The Thermopylae was named for the battle of Thermopylae pass, in which 10,000 Greeks defended against 500,000 Persians.

The SSV Thermopylae is captained by Spectre Jacob Shepard

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