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Salarians Codex Image

The second species to join the Citadel, the Salarians are warm blooded amphibians with a hyperactive metabolism. Salarians think fast, talk fast, and move fast. To Salarians, other species seem sluggish and dull-witted, especially the Elcor. Unfortunately, their metabolic speed leaves them with a relatively short lifespan; salarians over the age of 40 are a rarity.

Salarians are known for their observational capability and non-linear thinking. This manifests as an aptitude for research and espionage. They are constantly experimenting and inventing, and it is generally accepted that they always know more than they are letting on.


The Salarians are a bi-pedal race of aliens, with tall, elongated bodies suited for their high metabolism. Their heads are tall and thin, with horn-like appendages protruding from the top of their skulls. Their skin varies in color, but is mostly a shade of blue or grey. However, this does not apply to all salarians, as some are brightly colored, ranging from light red to green.

Salarian eyes are large, oval and have thin membranes in place of eyelids. Their eyes are not brightly colored, and they appear to have no iris, making their eyes more like those of an amphibian's than a mammal.

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