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Milky Way
/ Fallen Wastes / Heran
Planet View
Orbital Distance: 1 AU
Orbital Period: 1 Earth Year
Keplerian Ratio: N/A
Radius: 6,612 km
Day Length: 24.2 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 3 atm
Surface Temp: 22 °C
Surface Gravity: 1 g
Mass: 1 Earth Mass
Satellites: 1

Location: Milky WayFallen WastesHeran SystemThird planet

Species: Maviza
Colony Founded: 2193
Population: 750,000
Capital: Veniol

Sameld is a terrestrial world in the Hera System and the only planet in the system capable of supporting life. The planet was originally discovered by the


who intended to colonize the planet but decided to leave the world alone because of it's location in the Terminus Systems and it's close vicinity to large militant zones.

The planet would later be colonized by the Maviza after being ousted from Council-space. Soon after arriving on the planet, the Maviza established large settlements and mining facilities which allowed them to advance as a society.

Geographical Information Edit

Sameld is a very wet world with large amounts of rainfall and many bodies of water encompassing the planet. Swamps and marshlands dominate most of the planet and rainforests have grown unchecked around many mid-level regions. The driest parts of the planet are plateaus and mountains, which still have mud ponds in small areas. The night skies show the effects of the world's asteroid belt as each night, meteor showers can take up the sky.

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