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Scrub is a Krogan and the leader of the infamous Black Fire Gang. Not much is known about his childhood except that nearly all of his life, he has been struggling to survive. He is thinner than most Krogan aswell as weaker and has relied on deception and his intelligence to survive. Despite being weaker than most, Scrub uses a much more precise style of fighting rather than the usual Krogan technique of rushing opponents. For this reason, Scrub has been able to win many fights and prove his combat ability while gaining respect from his peers. With this respect, Scrub was able to form the Black Fire Gang, an organization composed of himself along with younger, less experienced Krogan. Later, the gang grew and recruited others like Batarians and even Turians. With his gang, Scrub began expanding his influence through a wide area of the galaxy, known through the edge of the Terminus Systems. He began a partnership with Malum, another crime lord and former rival.

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