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(Name Unknown)
Biographical information


Date of birth

06 / 29 / 2156 (35)

Physical description







6'4" / 150

  • M-6 Carnifex
  • M-98 Widow
Chronological and political information

Captain Ambrose


Seeker was a well respected science officer aboard the SSV Pegasus under the command of Captain Ambrose in 2191.

Life in the STGEdit

Seeker was very skilled in espionage and assassinations. Several humans referred to him as a 'ninja', of course the word 'ninja' is not in the salarian dictionary, so it meant nothing to him. Seeker earned his nickname, which is actually short for the full version of it, "Truth Seeker", because of his constant thirst for information and knowledge, his all-time undying philosophy being "knowledge is power". Seeker never grew tired of the battle, and when the chance to serve aboard an Alliance vessel deemed to face impossible odds he just simply could not turn down the opportunity.

Aboard the PegasusEdit

Seeker became good friends the the commanding officer, Ambrose, admiring the way he put brains before brawn. Due to his extensive intelligent abilities he became one of the leading science officers under the command of the chief medical officer Dr. Wheeler. The Salarian then became good friends with many of the non-human entities aboard the ship, the Geth excluded.

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