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Shaun Mercer
Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown but during the Inquisitor wars straight in teen years.

Physical description

Artificial Human



Chronological and political information

Shaun was created from Wraths DNA and Hybrids. He grew powerful in the few days but the lab where Professor Bowne created him was under attack. Shaun supposedly died, but in reality his body was moved to Omega and activated in the late 2223 after it he met Zenith Another super soldier like him and joined him to recover his memories. He moved with him till they were about to meet the Cronos Sentient. After the battle when Zenith was wounded Shaun helped him up to escape. They were both saved from the destruction by Dawn. In the ending of the game (in the canon one) he joins Zenith and helps him to get back to Citadel after they both Start working for asari crime lord Tia A'reena, the reasons for this are unknown.

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