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Asari Assassin

Shavara is an incredibly dangerous asari assassin. An Ardat-Yakshi who has had six centuries worth of mates, her powers have increased exponentially, to the point of her having the strength to match a Matriarch. Her biotics are devastating, but her seductive skills are even more deadly. The only known being with a strong enough will to resist her was Warlord, and even he doesn't let his guard down around her. Ever since she promised her talents to the powerful krogan, she has been known more for her assassinations than her deadly lust.

Dossier Edit

- Deadly Ardat-Yakshi

- Centuries of accumulated power

- Highly-skilled assassin

Shavara is a deadly Ardat-Yakshi, the oldest known aswell. She had become a fugitive after attempting to escape the two life choices the asari left for her; solitude or death. She was hunted down for centuries but finally subdued by Lisea Masari. Before her execution took place, she was freed again, this time with the help of Dr. Warlord. To show her gratitude, Shavara promised to offer her services to Warlord in any way she could. She is an incredibly powerful biotic, with her strength just at the level of a Matriarch. She has been able to easily execute a number of assassinations; either through violent behavior or mating.

Combat Edit

Shavara is capable of indescribable power as her biotics have grown immensely and followed a path that many asari have never even dreamed of. Her biotics enhance her mobility to a great extent, allowing her to jump great distances, move at high speeds, and even levitate in mid-air. Her biotics are so powerful, she can move entire small frigates and break apart large vehicles with her mind. She can use her powerful biotics to brainwash large clusters of weak-minded people to do her bidding, mostly vorcha and some krogan and batarians, all of which she uses to support her in combat. She usually attempts hit-and-run maneuvers on targets, using her extreme mobility to quickly approach a target, attack, and then quickly retreat. When angered, she uses her biotics to the maximum. She can lift dozens of large objects at a time and hurl them at high-velocities at her targets. Her favorite biotics abilities are Singularity Grenade and Mass Split. She usually uses these two attacks in conjunction with one another to deal maximum damage but she is left momentarily open to attacks directly after using these attacks. Another attack she uses is Rampage, a powerful biotic attack that unleashes a massive amount of biotic devastation. After this attack, she is left momentarily exhausted and very vulnerable.

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