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Shiara O'ni
Biographical information


Physical description





5' 7"

  • Crossfire Assault Rifle
  • M-3 Predator Heavy pistol
  • Dagger

Neural Implant


Transport Shuttle

Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Very Agile, Good shot


Dagger and Shield, Asari Commandos


Shiara O'ni is an Asari Commando and powerful biotic. She is an Asari Matron, a highly revered and intelligent stage of the Asari life cycle. She is highly skilled with her dagger and Crossfire Assault Rifle. Shiara's job requires her to sent behind lines to sabotage or take over enemy buildings or objects. Shiara will be featured in Mass Effect: Asari Commandos.

Early lifeEdit

Shiara was born on Illium and was sent to a biotic academy at age 13. The instructors there were ruthless and worked the students until they collapsed, however they also hardened the kids and turned them into powerful biotics. Shiara met a boy in the camp named Richard Greyson and they befriended each other. At the graduation of the academy the two became engaged. Three years later they created "Dagger and Shield". Shiara was the "dagger" ,leading a "shadow" team of only up to 20 men and women while Richard lead a blunt assault force of 200 troops.


Shiara was called to a space station for a job, she was to join up with Richard and two of his men. She was supposed to fix multiple parts of it so it could be used as a base of command. She jumped into the life support corridors and went over to fix a circuit. She rewired it, then Richard took the a shuttle and his men took Shiara's shuttle. He also rigged the ship with a bomb. Fortunatly for O'ni she defused it. Shiara fixed the rest of the ship and got to a planet surface controlled by the Alliance. She spent the next 30 years hunting down her ex-fiance. The reason he had done this is because a man put a bounty on Shiara's head. Shiara's troops had also stayed by her side and helped her track Richard down.

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