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Shogun is a motley crew of vigilantes, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and pirates based in the lawless zones of the Terminus Systems and the Nemean Abyss. The crew was formed by Indigo, "Queen of the Pirates". Most would think that because Shogun is small it is weak, but the small size of Shogun has actually attributed to it's success. The crew which exclusively lets in only the best of the best is capable of moving quickly through the galaxy without being noticed and can raid transports and disappear before anyone can stop them. Shogun has made a particularly nasty group of enemies as they have a reputation of hijacking criminal-controlled transports more often than civilian ships.

Members Edit

Resources Edit

Indigo has made certain that their is absolutely no way that she or members of her organization could be tracked down. When purchasing supplies like weapons, armor, medical supplies, and food; Shogun makes use of middlemen who are hired through complete ambiguity -- No names or locations are ever said to protect both parties. The entire organization is headquartered on the SSV King, which was captured during the groups greatest mission.

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