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Shotgun Joe
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An ex-member of the

Blue Suns

, Shotgun Joe is now known as one of the galaxy's greatest vigilantes. He had much combat training and experience as he was in the Alliance military from the age of 17 up to 24. He later went AWOL after being forced to execute batarians by one of his superiors and joined up with the Blue Suns in the Terminus Systems.

Joe was a member of the Blue Suns for more than ten years and became one of their more important members until his views began to conflict heavily with that of the Blue Suns. Joe would be on his own again after the Blue Suns made the decision to get heavily involved with the slave trade. Joe would use his knowledge of the Blue Suns to intercept and stop slave ships and even managed to completely dissolve some sects of the mercenary organization.

Joe would soon become a major vigilante who not only hindered the slave trade but cracked down on the drug trade, arms trade, and terrorism. Joe would be known as Shotgun Joe for his excessive and deadly use of various high-performance shotgun models. Joe would become a particular thorn in the side of

Aria T'Loak

after arriving on 


and tampering with her money laundering and arms dealing schemes. An all-out war between the two would commence with Joe being a one-man army. This would continue even after Joe joined up with Shogun.

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