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Siege of the Inveria Station
The Secession War

The Siege of the Inveria Station, which is also known as the Siege of Inveria, was a devastating attack on a Turian Hierarchy station carried out by Turian Separatists as the first engagement in the Secession War. The station, Inveria, was instantly overwhelmed by a fleet of small yet numerous vessels.

The station's defenses were commanded by the famed military strategist and hero, Bhurikai Chellick. The station's defense was strong, but the Inveria's perimeter was penetrated and a large number of cruisers and suicide freighters were able to make their way pass the main line of defense for Inveria. Within a matter of minutes, the Inveria began to crumble apart as it gave out to the barrage of torpedoes and remote-controlled suicide freighters filled with explosives.

Outcome Edit

The Inveria Station was a very important space facility for the Turian Hierarchy because it was the checkpoint for their empire in that region. Inveria was responsible for shipping Element Zero to the inner-colonies, providing security to cargo flotillas, and delivering fresh supplies to Hierarchy military bases in the area. When the station was destroyed, a small dent was placed into Hierarchy Element Zero distribution and their military camps in the region had constant equipment scarcity problems. The greatest issue for the Hierarchy was the loss of their security. The Hierarchy once had complete control of the region's flight space and neutralized any Arcovan scout ships and cargo fleets easily. With the Hierarchy's hold on the area gone, Arcovan smugglers were able to move as much equipment through the region as they wanted.

Casualties Edit

Hierarchy Edit

  • Station Crew: 124
  • Cruisers: 4
  • Frigates: 6
  • Fighters: 73

Arcovan Edit

  • Cruisers: 1
  • Frigates: 3
  • Fighters: 41

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