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Batarian Commander ME2
Skyllian Horde

Since 2186


Criminal Organization


Skyllian War


The Skyllian Horde is a conglomerate of multiple criminal organizations based in the

Skyllian Verge

. Their lust for power and greed was a driving force in their attack on Minerva which led to the Skyllian War, but the attack is said to have been instigated by another force.

Overview Edit

The Skyllian Horde (commonly referred to as the Horde) consists of many warlords, extremists, pirates, and mercenaries. Most of the members seen in the Horde are






, and the


. The organization was brought together by agents of a mysterious figure who promised great opportunity from a full-scale alliance. Though initially skeptical of any positive outcome of an alliance, the gangs and extremists joined together once they were presented with advanced technology, technology that would make them the most powerful force in the galaxy.

The criminal organization would soon gain strong support from the batarian government, eventually becoming full-scale allies with them aswell and tripling their strength. The batarian government would soon use the Horde to carry out an attack against the Alliance territory in the Skyllian Verge in an effort to retake the region without taking the blunt of the blame. After the Horde was blamed for the attack and war was declared on them, the Horde leadership would confess the involvement of the batarian government. A war known as the Skyllian War would soon take place.

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