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Solar class Edit

Solar class program is newest and most effective program. It is based on a station on Mercuries Orbit.

Station Edit

Station is a giant training ground.

Stats Edit

Number of soldiers graduated: 5

Number of candidates:30

Number of scientists: 45

DNA Edit

Program was officialy released two years before but the program proved impossible for human kind. Two years the scentists strugled to find an answer.

Finally the answer was rather simple. Bond DNA of most races. First the Scientist thought it would create a monster of all kinds. But the scientists started to break DNA codes to take only needed powers from them. Finally when the program was finished the stats were ready. the first candidate Commander James Shepard Became the only first super human. In add up to his skills of all sorts his lifespan increased to 250 years , and breathing underwater time grown to 30 minutes his reflexes were perfect.

DNA code Edit

Krogan- lifespan 50 years

Turian-Harsher and more protective skin

Asari- lifespan 100 years smooth skin, biotic natural.


drell-reflexes and biotic abilities for his children

Quarian-Breathing, immune to toxic gases.

Experiment Soldiers Edit

Commander James Shepard

Commander Ron Armstrong -

Captain Jake Green -

Admiral Kai Roku -

Sergeant Richardson -

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