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Special Response
ReachConcept SpartanPerm

Special Response Unit

was the elite squad i the Drell Military after the Inquisitor Crisis. The were trained to be best soldier and any species from ally race could have entered the military trained as Special Response. They were equipped with best technology and worked in the United Drell Nebula, Atlantis Expanse and the territory which the command ordered in case of emergency. Migrant Fleet and Geth tried to avoid using the squad but as ally race many quarians returned Shakrahna and worked in the squads. Geth who moved back to Perseus Veil after getting to peace with Quarians also became ally race and Drell created top secret squad. Squad Zero was the squad where the Geth could join. It also was the biggest squad. But not many geth joined because they returned to their stations to build the machine for every platform. Special Response was a powerful force which was able to take down many criminals and traitors.

They mostly come number of tens because it is rare and hard to get into their ranks.

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