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The Special Warfare Indoctrination and Fortification Training Course (SWIFT Course) was a centralized Selection and Indoctrination course used by all uniformed services of the Systems Alliance Military to identify Special Operations Capable personnel and to indoctrinate them as Special Forces operators.

It was colloquially referred to as "Special Forces Indoctrination", and a passing score in the SWIFT Course was a requirement for any Alliance military serviceman or servicewoman to enter any Special Forces unit in any branch of the Alliance military. This set a common standard for all of the Alliance's special operations forces.

Personnel who had successfully passed the SWIFT Course were automatically granted the Military Vocational Code prefix of "N", signifying their status as "Special Operations Forces", and subsequently either went specialist training or were assigned directly to Alliance Special Operations Forces and were deployed.

Richard Gregory Self was a graduate of the Special Warfare Indoctrination and Fortification Training Course.

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