This article, Spectre Honor Code, was written by Panthenon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Spectre Honor Code is an unofficial guideline set developed by Spectre veterans and elites. The Spectres have no official rules dictating what they can do so the Honor Code is not required to be followed however it does increase a Spectres standing with his or her fellow Spectres.

Code Edit

The code is a simple set of basic guidelines that most Spectres adhere to without having their business tampered with. The codeputs emphasis on protection of the innocent and punishment of the wicked. Unlike the average Spectre, the code encourages that Spectres complete missions with little to no collateral damage. The code also states that Spectres are to keep a low profile and not flaunt their power and authority. In short, the code emphasises justice, humility, respect, and peace.

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