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The Spectre Qualifications and Training Act is a document that details and dictates the new revised qualifications it takes to become a member of the Special Tactics and Reconnaisance branch.

Overview Edit

The Spectre Qualifications and Training Act, or SQTA, first entered development after Saren Arterius went rogue and aligned himself with the geth heretics. The Citadel Council wanted to ensure that no event like this happened again but the issue was not at the top of their list. The council later returned its attention to the document when many Spectres who were once considered highly qualified became either unstable or dead. The council knew that they needed greater agents if they wanted to maintain galactic stability and in order to do that, they needed to weed out the bad eggs and accept only the most elite soldiers in the galaxy.

Revisions Edit

The SQTA was created by the council and 50 other representatives of the galactic community. The Spectre Qualifications and Training Act was developed for the specific reason of creating a truly elite, feared, and respect force in the galaxy that wouldd act as the council's instruments and police. The first thing that was changed was the qualifications to enter the Spectre program. Along with the detailed screening process they were given before, candidates require advanced physical training, negotiation & diplomatic training, advanced skill training.

Once they do become Spectres, candidates require genetic enhancement which affects the Spectre's strength, durability, intelligence, and biotic compatibility which gives every Spectre some level of biotic talent. The Spectres are also required to take some cybernetic implants that would enhance them even more. The SQTA also requires that Spectres be given regular psychological evaluations and that the council be more involved and informed of their dealings.

Passing Edit

It was much more difficult to pass the act than the council previously thought. The council faced opposition from those who thought the act just made Spectres more dangerous and from those who considered it to be an obstacle for Spectres. Months of debate emerged from politicians that wanted to either pass the document, revise it further, or destroy it completely. The act was passed only after Commander Shepard gave support to the act and the council stating that the bill only made the galaxy safer. The Spectre Qualifications and Training Act was passed in the year 2188.

Aftermath Edit

Many mixed feelings came after the passing of the SQTA. Some Spectres considered it to be only a barrier for Spectres and that it would lead to fewer being recruited. Conservative politicians argued that this act turned Spectres from dangerous space cowboys to unstoppable renegades. To quell the publics concern over the act, the Spectres developed their own law to accompany the SQTA, the Spectre Honor Code.

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