This article, Supernova, was written by Skywaver. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Warlord's Flagship

The Supernova is a large cruiser designed by Dr. Warlord. The ship was built through the use of reverse-engineered geth technology with collector influence on some of the more important internal parts. The ship is about three times the size of an ordinary Alliance cruiser with five times the armament strength and about the same speed. The Supernova's powerful engines are powered by an advanced power core and twin FTL drives. The ship is defended by a powerful kinetic barrier, an extremely thick hull, and an improved GARDIAN system. It's main armament consists of Energy Torpedos, Talon Rockets, and Phasic Lasers. As Warlord's flagship, it is rarely ever seen without a fleet of heavily-armed ships surrounding it, but it is usually seen docked aboard the Axiom.

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