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Supreme Intelligence or SI more commonly mistaken with Synthetic Intelligence was a type of program being far more supreme when AI and VI. How superior is unknown because Inquisitor translators had translation errors which were impossible to repair. This were used to help Inquisitors back when they were still ruling the galaxy. SI were known to do all sorts of jobs even to coordinating and looking over planets and even systems acting as supervisors. The leading Inquisitor scientists wanted to create a SI to supervise the galaxy. First try was the prototype LAIS platform. Though Reapers wiped all known SI except LAIS unit who was able to upload itself into the keepers infra-structure and survive millions of years. The abilities of them go so far that they are ale to interact with organic bodies and cause them to do what they don't want to do. They are able to create barriers if any element zero is nearby. They were upgraded to a stage when they can trigger and adjust organic settings like sicknesses and mental processes and in the dawn of Inquisitors rule SI were used to trigger Biotic abilities in organics.

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