The Systems Alliance Advanced Tactical Operations (more commonly referred to as Wolverines or SAATO) is an elite

Systems Alliance

special operations unit.

SAATO was formed with the purpose of carrying out severe, high-priority, and otherwise "black" operations across the galaxy. It is because of these usually volatile operations that no records are kept of their actions.

Overview Edit

Alliance Wolverines are elite soldiers and credited by top Alliance brass as being the nest warriors in


history. Their diverse skill sets and incredible physical aptitudes are only increased by the advanced equipment that they have in their arsenal. The Alliance created the Wolverines with the purpose of carrying out critical tasks outside of their jurisdiction without other governments knowing about it. Some operations carried out by the Wolverines includes such things as assassination, sabotage, espionage, kidnapping, torture, false flag attacks, and even genocide.

Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

Alliance Wolverines are equipped with advanced defense systems. Like most human military entites of the 22nd centuries, soldiers in the Wolverines are equipped with both combat body armor and full-body hardsuit models. Their body armor models are composed of ceramic plating over cloth battle dress. This model is usually used in smaller operations for it's cheapness, light-weight, and flexibility. The hardsuit model consists of an entire body suit composed of thick alloy and cybernetcs. Though more expensive and heavier, these models provide greater defense and physical strength.

Weaponry Edit

Alliance Wolverines have access to a large arsenal of experimental weaponry under classified existence. The Systems Alliance developed weapons using


technology which resulted in the creation of assault rifles with high-precision and high fire rates. All weapons used by Wolverines are capable of shredding through kinetic barriers and armor, leaving targets critically injured if not dead.

Operations Edit

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