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The Systems Alliance Intelligence Command is the unified intelligence community of the Systems Alliance, responsible for collection of both military intelligence and political intelligence to support decision-making by both the Alliance government and the Alliance military. Though it is a combination of both military and civilian intelligence-gathering apparatuses, it is a military organization, and is nominally one of the Uniformed Services of the Alliance military, where it is known as the Alliance Intelligence Command (AIC).

As one of three services of the Alliance military, it fulfills an imperative role — while the Alliance Navy conducts space and atmospheric operations, the Alliance Marine Corps conducts surface operations, the Alliance Intelligence Command is responsible for unified intelligence collection.


  • Directorate of Military Intelligence (AIC-1)
  • Director of Military Intelligence
    • Department of Naval Reconnaissance
    • Department of Orbital Reconnaissance
    • Department of Signals Intelligence
    • Department of Electronic Intelligence
    • Department of Technical Intelligence
    • Department of Cyber Intelligence
    • Department of Cryptography
    • Department of Fleet Intelligence (Department of Asset Tracking)
    • Department of Naval Systems Development

  • Directorate of Domestic Intelligence (AIC-2)
  • Director of Domestic Intelligence
    • Division of Civilian Signals Collection
    • Division of Communications Control
    • Division of Electronic Control
    • Division of Literary Control
    • Division of Academic Control
    • Division of Political Control
    • Division of Economic Control
    • Division of Civilian Censorship
    • Division of Propaganda
    • Division of Civilian Surveillance
    • Division of Civilian Adjustment

  • Directorate of Strategic Intelligence (AIC-3)
  • Director of Strategic Intelligence
  • Directorate of Human Intelligence
  • Directorate of Clandestine Intelligence
    • Department of Counterterrorism
    • Department of Counterproliferation
    • Department of Counterintelligence
  • Directorate of Strategic Weaponry
    • Department of Biological Warfare
    • Department of Chemical Warfare
    • Department of Thermonuclear
    • Department of Strategic Warfare Development
  • Directorate of Foreign Intelligence
    • Department of Political Intelligence
    • Department of Economic Intelligence
    • Department of Covert Operations

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