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Systems Alliance Terra Corps

Since 2157


Systems Alliance


Systems Alliance Military


Land-based Combat


First Contact War

Eden Prime War

Skyllian War


The Systems Alliance Terra Corps is a branch of the

Systems Alliance Military

that is responsible for land-based military operations as well as the protection of Naval vessels and installations from attack. 

A rugged and diverse assortment of well equipped and well trained men and women, one of the Terra Corps's most notable conflicts was fighting against the


in the 

First Contact War


Uniform Edit

Dress Uniform Edit

The Terra Corps Dress Uniforms are similar to those worn by their Navy counterparts. The standard uniform consists of a gray jacket and trousers combination with black and gold trim on both. For higher ranked individuals, a solid-gold Systems Alliance emblem appears on their collars and the gray jackets and trousers are replaced with black ones. A golden trim lines the jacket and trousers.

Battledress Edit

Standard Edit

Main article: Class I Battle Armor

The standard battledress of the Systems Alliance Terra Corps is the commonly seen bodysuit armor system. Depending on their environment they are either outfitted with the standard and common dark-gray battlesuit, desert camouflaged suit, or arctic camouflage suit. The flexible alloy of the armor allows maximum movement and effective defense against gunfire. Dense armor plating on the torso, shoulders, wrists, and thighs provide increased defense against gunfire and small blasts. The helmet has a dual layer of fabric armor and kinetic padding within a lightweight ablative ceramic shell. Comes standard with a suite of communication, navigation, and battlefield awareness software. It can be quickly converted with the press of a button into a breather helmet with a hard-sealed mask to protect wearer from hazardous environmental conditions.

Special Forces Edit

Main article: Class II Battle Armor

Advanced Tactical and Reconnaissance Forces sport heavy and articulated battle armor, which also double as an armored g-suit that allows for safe transport in small ships during turbulent atmospheric entry. They also wear fully-visored, black helmets that cover the entirety of the head, and can withstand several headshots. This armor, overall, provides Advanced Ops with more protection than standard marine armor.

Main article: Class III Battle Armor

Elite Combat Operatives are outfitted with the most advanced defense systems of the Systems Alliance. An armored bodysuit which enhances every aspect of the wearer's performance integrated with kinetic barriers twice the strength of the average. The hard-sealed, fully-armored suit is equipped with advanced combat support software.

Equipment Edit

Armament Edit

The standard issue weapon for Terrans is the M-Series of assault rifles. Most Terrans were issued the

M-8 Avenger

until its replacement in late 2187 by the M-83 Farcry and M-92 Executioner. Special Forces are issued MS-Series weaponry, like the MS-41 Vigilante and MS-67 Talon. Both standard soldiers and special forces were originally equipped with the 

M-3 Predator

until 2187 when they were replaced with the 

M-5 Phalanx

. Suppressive fire is provided by the MC-109 Monarch and it's lighter cousin, the MC-110 Overlord.


M-23 Katana

was the standard issue close-quarters weapon until it's replacement by the M-62 Breaker. Snipers operate the 

M-92 Mantis

and M-64 Phoenix with the MS-110 Typhoon as an anti-materiel weapon. Advanced Alliance weaponry automatically corrects itself, making sniping simpler.

Anti-armor fire comes from the

ML-77 Rocket Launcher

, ML-92 Rocket Launcher, and the MS-200 Particle Cannon. Anti-air fire is provided by the ML-107 Pulse Launcher and the

M-100 Grenade Launcher

and MS-100 Grenade Launcher provide anti-infantry explosive capability.

Ground Vehicles Edit


M44 Hammerhead

replaced the 

M35 Mako

in 2187 as the standard land assault vehicle, though the Mako is still widely used by the Alliance. Both vehicles also act as battle tanks, much more heavily-armored and boasting a more devastating armament than some of the other vehicles. The Alliance makes use of many fast-moving recon vehicles to rapidly scout enemies or initiate hit-and-run maneuvers, the M21 Puma and the M30 Panther being the most prominent.

Aircraft Edit

The Systems Alliance Terra Corps makes use of the

UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle

, AT-G12 Albatross, and LAT-S45 Cricket to transport troops and supplies aswell as provide support for ground forces with suppressive fire. The UAV-A21 Vulture is a remote-controlled bomber and the Terrans make use of Combat Support fighters and interceptors to combat vessels and other fighters, the most notable being the A74 Dragonfly and the A99 Wasp.

Miscellaneous Equipment Edit

Assault Drone

Rocket Drone

Defense Drone

Notable Subordinate Units Edit

19th Armored Regiment

98th Assault Division

103th Tactical Division

210th Terran Regiment

501st Expeditionary Force

525th Assault Regiment

Immediate Support Armada

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