This article, Tartarus I, was written by Wanye Kest. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Tartarus I is a small space station in orbit around Terra, homeworld of the Terrans. It is a maximum-security prison, reserved only for the most foul and vile of Terra's criminals. Everything from genocidal terrorists to tyrannical warlords are sealed away here, including Zaeron Stirga, the Scourge of Terra.

Complement Edit

The exterior of Tartarus consists of ten foot thick titanium steel lined with an automated defense network and powerful kinetic shields. Sensors on the hull can located and lock-on to an incoming ship or projectile from a quarter-mile away. Adding to that is a small fleet of cruisers and frigates which constantly surround the station in case of emergency.

The real defense of Tartarus is on the inside of the station. Thousands of security cameras and sensor strips are located throughout the station in nearly every corridor. More than 600 highly-trained armed guards patrol and monitor the station and it's inmates constantly. Automated turrets which can alternate between stun and deadly are located on various walls and ceilings. A lock-down safety gate is located in every corridor and room of Tartarus, which are sealed in case of emergency. Because of it's high defenses, Tartarus is thought to be inescapable.

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