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Milky Way
/ Primera Vast / Vuveria
Planet View
Orbital Distance: 1.2 AU
Orbital Period: 1.1 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio: N/A
Radius: 6,789 km
Day Length: 27.9 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 10 atm
Surface Temp: 25 °C
Surface Gravity: 1.8 g
Mass: 1.7 Earth Mass
Satellites: 2

Location: Milky WayPrimera VastVuveria SystemThird planet

Description Edit

This massive planet is home to a vast variety of geographical environments. Terra has a unique biosphere capable of supporting only the strongest and most adaptive lifeforms from other planets. While many locations on the planet are extremely fertile and able to sustain all forms of life, other areas are scarred from both recent and ancient military struggles. Swamps of poisonous water, massive jungles, rolling plains, and intense deserts span the globe whose growths are only impeded by the massive metropolises that have been erected across the planet.

Additional Information Edit

Terra is home to the terran, a race of reptilian bipeds that have learned to conquer both the planet and its vicious wildlife. Terra has fallen victim to many ecological disasters and with the planet's best attempts to heal, only a few regions have been partially returned to the state of sustaining life. The terran population on the planet reaches well over 13,000,000,000 and risks of over-population and resource scarcity are prevalent.

Orbiting the planet is a large debris field consisting of meteoroids, old satellites, and wrecked starships. Two large moons also orbit the planet -- Kilgora and Suseka, named for the god and goddess of life in terran culture. Though Terra is an incredibly hostile planet, it has managed to survive for billions of years and seems to be healthy enough to last for many more.

Notable Locations Edit

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