As a process carried out by the Evolution group, the Genesis was meant to bring about the evolution of Humanity. The idea began with a powerful Human biotic named Atomisk Red. Atomisk had become certain that he and others of his kind were the next step in Human evolution so he began gathering biotic Humans from all over the galaxy, atleast those who would listen or those who were too young to know what was happening.

That's when Atomisk began using his connections to fund and build a colony on Sublimity. Soon after, the Genesis truly began.

Procedure Edit

The Genesis began swiftly. Atomisk was somehow able to negotiate with the Illusive Man and get funding from him with the condition of allowing Cerberus to monitor Atomisk and Evolution greatly. It took over ten years to build up Sublimity enough to sustain the +20,000 biotics that Atomisk led.

By then, the population had begun to grow and Atomisk, wishing to grow his people to a point of near god-like power, began outsourcing for the galaxy's best geneticists. His people began extensive gene modification to make their people stronger, faster, and smarter with every generation. By the end of the genetic reconfiguration process, Atomisk's biotics would become the Zenith.

During the process that it took to create the Zenith, billions of credits worth of resources were collected, traded, and sold. The Evolution had mined dozens of planets for their metals and minerals which increased their ability to produce and trade with other colonies. They also began secret operations against slaver and mercenary bands, attacking their ships and outposts and taking everything that could be considered useful.

With the Illusive Man's help, Atomisk was able to get his hands on some powerful Collector and Geth technologies which, after long years of study, were reverse-engineered for the Zenith's use. New medical technologies, weaponry, and space travel technology gave the Zenith enough of an edge to compete with other colonies easily.

Money was one of the greatest resources for Atomisk's Genesis plan. Not only was he receiving constant credit flow from the curious Illusive Man but credits were also illegally taken by expert hackers, hacking into Illium's banks and filtering money to Sublimity. There were companies set up to legally obtain money like Arias Foundation, the biotic-amps sales company. There was also a large amount of Red Sand trade within the Terminus controlled by Atomisk.

Outcome Edit

In the end, Atomisk's dream was realised only part of the way. He and his biotics were transformed into super-humans but were outcasts to the rest of humanity. The Illusive Man eventually cut ties with Atomisk but was too late in keeping Atomisk from top-secret Cerberus information. The Zenith became more powerful than anyone would have realized and Sublimity became a haven in the galaxy compared to other places. Eventually, all of the Zenith no longer considered themselves the evolution of man but a different species all together.

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