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The Prophet
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Oblivion Hunters


The Prophet was young boy found by Echelon on the street of Tortuga. Echelon took this drell boy under his wing and grew him as his own child. He became known around Oblivion Hunters as The Prophet because when he guessed he always was right.


He was born of Rakhana. In his childhood he was enslaved and tortured. His eyes changed. they became white. He was soon found by Echelon. Echelon was a person who killed his owners. Echelon took the boy under his own wing and grew him as his own son. It happened that Echelon didn't want to die and he planned an operation which pro-longed his life. In a year he used the same operation on this child. Soon this drell child started to guess things. Like where are such thing are standing what is the name of each single soldier, success and failure of project and it happened that after he gained the nickname, the Prophet. When Dawn was created he saw Prophet as his mentor in galaxy. Prophet taught him everything.


During Combat Prophet Uses Mass Overgrowth which grants him enough powers to destroy ARES mech with one attack. And also he is a fan of the sniper rifle. His sniper skill increased and at some point he chose to use Tech powers. He disliked the weapons and prefers to use powers. He is prefers stealth moves and powers. Due to his current rank in Oblivion Hunters he does the smallest possible amount of fighting and observes. He also has a dozen of guards who are everywhere with him.

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