This article, Tuchanka Center of Agriculture, was written by Panthenon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Tuchanka Center of Agriculture is a branch of the Tuchanka State Union that deals specifically with agriculture and food on Tuchanka. For generations, Tuchanka has been a crumbling, hot, radioactive planet with little rain (besides the acidic kind). This caused a major crisis regarding agriculture as food and clean water grew more and more scarce. The Center of Agriculture was formed to stop the decline in food and bring an abundance of agriculture back to Tuchanka. First, the Center had to assist the Tuchanka Center of Science & Technology in stopping acid rain by introducing large numbers of specially-designed weather balloons that absorbed the acid, making the rain much less dangerous within a year.

The Center of Agriculture spent that entire year creating large bio-domes which housed 600 yards of what would become vegetation. The Center of Agriculture built dozens of these domes, mostly in the wasteland deserts. Once the water became more normal, the Center of Agriculture began treating the soil in Tuchanka's native environments, returning many areas into fertile zones which became populated by farms. Meat & Dairy farms also began popping up with Varren, Pyjak, Space Cows, Giant Bettles, and even vorcha in some cases.

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