This article, Tuchanka Center of Economy & Business, was written by Panthenon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Tuchanka Center of Economy & Business was a branch of the Tuchanka State Union. It had only one purpose; collect funds and resources to support the mighty machine that was the Tuchanka Union. They collected funds through many ways, most of which are considered illegal by the citadel government. Lucrative trade in the Red Sand trade introduced millions to the Tuchanka Union and piracy also allowed a gain in revenue. That gain increased once the Center of Economy began strip mining worlds throughout the galaxy, taking up as much minerals as possible and selling what wasn't absolutely necessary for a large amount.

Another large revenue stream was through mercenary dealings as the Tuchanka Union rented out some of their pure-krogan warriors for millions a head. Surprisingly enough, the Center of Economy also called for an increase in business with other species, most notably the volus, elcor, hanar, and raloi. This opened up a steady and legal revenue stream that would keep citadel officials away while allowing the amount of funds they had to grow, almost overwhelmingly.

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