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The United Krogan Front is a massive reconstruction movement by krogan reformists trying to uplift the krogan species. The United Krogan Front, or UKF, has swept through Tuchanka and has encouraged many of the krogan to return to Tuchanka and assist in the reconstruction effort. The United Krogan Front begins to see bitter emotions of the Krogan Rebellions and becomes a precursor for the Tuchanka State Union.

History Edit

The United Krogan Front was a movement starting in 2184 after Urdnot Wrex's reformation prospect came to fruition. The many krogan clans became merged with clan Urdnot but that was not the end of it. Urdnot Wrex called for the creation of the United Krogan Front or UKF.

The UKF was an organization and reconstruction movement that would rebuild Tuchanka. Wrex called for the construction of new schools, hospitals, and farms. Wrex also negotiated the start of new trading routes with Illium, Omega, and Irune. As Tuchanka began to see reconstruction the unexpected happened; Urdnot Wrex was seen boarding a small ship when it exploded in flames.

Wrex's body was never truly identified but it is presumed that his body was among one of the roasted corpses at the scene. Clan Urdnot was taken over by Urdnot Legacy, the son of Urdnot Grunt. Legacy has always been known throughout the Urdnot clan for his constant breeding and skill in combat so he was the natural selection for clan leader.

Urdnot Legacy's plans for the krogan was nearly parallel with Wrex's. He wanted to uplift the krogan to a high-point of power but unlike Wrex, Legacy wanted to turn the krogan into an empire. He created the Tuchanka State Union and took full-control from the krogan, undermining their culture for the purpose of strength and survival. With all of the krogan under him, Legacy's plans went into motion.

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