So, I've been absent from this site for almost four years and ever since Andromeda came to our love for Mass Effect is reignited and I am planning to replay the whole series on PC (a shitty PC that is) and hopefully get all the DLC to play to the fullest. 

On the other hand, I came back to this site to see ( my previous work and honestly...

It's terrifying on how my work is written. 

I was a young teenager who hasn't faced the absolute HORRORS of the IB programme (especially when it comes to language-literature) and now that I did...well I guess my writing in general has improved.

With that in mind, I am interested in making a new series that is NOT rushed and bland. Honestly my Daryl Mason series is bland althought to be fair, it was my first time writing a story and I had little if not no experience when it comes to storywriting. 

I am going to call this series: 

"A Little Tale from the Galaxy". 

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