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ShaakTi tfu - копия

Verona during her teen years

Verona is daughter of Faya Akida from Faya's first "mating".She obtained tatoo making on her chest at the age of two the same as her mother. She was the first to be taken to Epsilon to study and work. There she learned Human, Quarian, Drellish and asarian languages. At some point in her live after Joining Epsilon she fall in love with Commander James Shepard companion "Terminus". They been together for quiete a long time but in the last battle of Batarian Rebels. He died. And she grew her child on her own. She is the only Inoshi with 15 children. SHe is also known to live not for 300 but she lived till 500.


She looks the same as any Inoshi, but her royal family making is a bit different because she is the first Inoshi born not from a Inoshi species. She wears a tribal wearing so she could move easy. She wears ties on her feet so she doesnt damages her feet.


Her personality is the same as her mother but unlike mothers she doesnt treat her families tradition at full strengh.


Early lifeEdit

She spent her early life studying within Epsilon HQ.

Meeting SSV Phoenix SR-4 CrewEdit

After she reached the age of twenty Phoenix SR-4 came because it was called by the executor. She met Commander Shepard, Shera Adromeda and Rane. Executor West talked Shepard in taking her to open world. Or even the citadel. On the ship she been stationed in the room next to armory so she developed a relation with Chief of the Armory "Terminus" who was a man in the armor. No one new his age or gender. Many said he was a batarian, or a asari with a voice changer. Verona quickly felt attracted to "Terminus" and backwards. So the fall in love.

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