The Vesprin were a race of sentient race of insects who lived millenia ago.

Biology Edit

The Vesprin were bipedal insects with hard exoskeletons and tightly packed muscles. They had hairs on their arms that went deep into their body which allowed them to feel their surroundings since their exoskeleton had no nerves. They had two large eyes with incredible eyesight but they had no ears. Their mouths had a series of tentacles and claws that tore apart raw meat. They had an average height of 7 ft tall and weighed about 200 lbs. They had high mobility and were able to jump high aswell as climb walls. They were brilliant as they were able to decypher Prothean technology and build their own ships. They had an average lifespan of 50 years.

History Edit

The Vesprin have a very short history. They were a warrior race who had clan wars on daily occasions. Later on, they were visited by Protheans and were able to study their technology and build ships. They used their ships to expand through the galaxy and eradicated atleast two different species. They later found a planet called Vela with sentient lifeforms called Protoss occupying it. They attacked the planet trying to conquer it, though they failed miserably. Unfortunately for them, the Protoss had also reverse-engineered Prothean technology. A war between the to began to rage and the Vesprin were losing. Three years after the war began, the Vesprin became extinct.

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