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A massive armada of all-turian ships and the direct tool of the Turian Hierarchy. It is one of the largest militant fleets in the galaxy and is composed of some of the strongest ships built by the turians. The fleet is commanded by the turian admiral Darus Anopsis.

Ships Edit

  • Volcanis
  • Serrikan
  • Aldernon
  • Eridian
  • Samurses
  • Anihilus
  • Protiak
  • Vorathin
  • Morathin
  • Urakkin
  • Rekuron
  • Exitheon
  • Ariath
  • Omerkin
  • Drakonis
  • Xenokeris
  • Parthenon
  • Dubian
  • Araknid

Assignments Edit

  • Two days after it's formation, the Volcanis Fleet was ordered to escort a major Volus supply convoy from Lorgea to Herma. The convoy was carrying billions of credits worth of experimental military-grade equipment and tons of Element Zero. The fleet escorted the convoy of thirty ships with little trouble. Hit-and-run pirate raids tried to break through the escort but their attempts proved futile. All thirty supply freighters made it to Herma and the Turian Hierachy got it's hands on a bounty of weaponry.

  • The Volcanis Fleet was ordered to defend Eden Prime from the Batarian Federation long enough for Systems Alliance ships to take over. Not only did the Volcanis Fleet fight off the Batarians but they tracked the retreating forces back to Kinora. After given permission, the fleet engaged in a joint-assault with the Systems Alliance against Kinora until the Batarians were forced off of the planet. Because of this, the Systems Alliance and Turian Hierarchy were able to establish Kinora as a joint-colony between the two.

  • The Volcanis Fleet was ordered to assist turian forces in putting down an outer-colony rebellion after the enactment of the Unification Tax Law. The Volcanis supplied turian ground forces with artillery, weaponry, and reinforcements. The armada also provided orbital intelligence and mass accelerator bombardments. When the rebellions ended, Admiral Anopsis was awarded the highest honor in the Turian military, the Paladium Star.

  • The Volcanis Fleet was ordered to patrol the border of the Ismar Frontier after strange energy radiation pulses were discovered. The rest of the assignment is CLASSIFIED.

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