This article, Warehouse 819, was written by OmegaSpruz. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Warehouse 819 was a secret warehouse used by Protheans on Omega and later when Oblivion Hunters found it and used it as the base of operations of League of Unjust. It served important location During Inquisitor Crisis and was later taken over by By rogue Batarians. After it Oblivion Hunters destroyed this place so no one would get the remaining zero of Omega. Rogue Fleet later dug out the warehouse from rocks and took the remaining element Zero. When they again hid the place and returned to their ships. But this lured vorcha from lower parts of Omega to the Warehouse. Oblivion Hunter expeditions back found that it became Omega Capitol of Vorcha and Echelon ordered to abandon the expedition.

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