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Dr. Warlord
Krogan Genius

Warlord, or Dr. Warlord as he prefers to be called, is a genetically engineered krogan super soldier. Bred and educated in a tank, he was intended to exemplify the best traits of the krogan, and help reinvigorate his species. He had been neglected by his creator Dr. Okeer and was marked as an imperfect krogan, but he actually proved to be one of Okeer's greatest creations and, apparently, his smartest aswell.

As Warlord was in his tank, he would hear among Okeer's last words, the term "Warlord" and adopt this as his name, a name that would fit his personality perfectly. Warlord would go on to inherit Okeer's mission to create an army of super-soldiers and dominate the galaxy, something his father failed to do.

Characteristics Edit

Warlord appears very similar to average krogan, and with the addition of major scarring that he received from his first encounter with Commander Shepard after being released from his tank, he appears similar to the krogan known as Urdnot Wrex. Warlord is far more intellectual than the average krogan, nevermind the krogan berserkers. His intelligence rose above most of his kind, as did his cunning. He is very deceptive and manipulative of others and has evolved from trying to strengthen the krogan to trying to strengthen himself. He is an egomaniac and every decision he makes is meant solely to benefit himself. Despite being a bit of a lunatic, Warlord is very intelligent and every decision is thoroughly planned before hand. Another trait of Warlord's is the fact that he has an extreme temper, though he never seems to go berserk which is a very odd characteristic for a krogan berserker.

His ability to keep his anger from boiling over into a berserk state is something he developed to allow him to maintain control over his surroundings. Warlord is also a genius, even by salarian terms. The krogan is able to construct useful materials from scrap and his ability with command is phenomenal. A beast with such genius and cunning combined with his unparalleled strength and durability is enough to terrify even the most experienced soldiers, but the fact that Warlord has endowed himself with biotic powers is a completely different problem for the average freedom-loving citizens of the galactic community.

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History Edit

For the history of Dr. Warlord, see Here.

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