This article, Warlord's Fortress, was written by Skywaver. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Korlus Fortress, more commonly known simply as Warlord's Fortress is the main, if not secretive headquarters of Warlord. It is the product of the complete renovation of Okeer's research base on Korlus. With massive amounts of new defenses and a vast amount of greater architectural and structural improvements, the fortress is a complete change from it's old self. A new AA defense network has been added, similar to the one on Horizon. It is also surrounded by a large wall-like barrier with automated cannons and snipers positioned every few yards. A few hangars line the fortress, holding freighters and light-frigates. The core structure of the fortress holds the krogan production chambers which consists of dozens of development tanks. The main palace is at the very top of the fortress and is heavily-defended by Krogan Berserker Elites, Asari Supreme Commandos, and Drell Marauder Guards.

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