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461px-Gatatog Uvenk
"Weyrloc" Wrath
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First Krogan Empreror


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Last Weyrloc Krogan


Weyrloc Wrath was when Commander Shepard wiped out most of clan Weyrloc one perfect baby created by Maelon. He was saved inside special room somewhere under old krogan hospital. He grew. While he was growing he obtained power and followers. He had a lot of time to study. Soon he emerged out of his hiding and after destroying a part of Blood pack on one world in Krogan DMZ cluster he stole a giant cruiser and turned it into his flying fortress. He also created many different robots to help him. He had enough knowledge to cure the genophage but it didn't mattered to him, because he was cured and he had galaxy conquering. After this he met an asari which became some sort of his right hand. He also had different proposals to join different clans. But he disagreed to join in order to grow his new force. He quickly became a connection of Oblivion Hunters and helped them in creating Matragen. After it his powers grew for one year and he modified himself with a powerful biotic-organic implants to grow his already powerful biotic potential onto a new level. When dark energy started to decrease temperatures of suns all around the galaxy he took control over new force.He started his way to takeover more and more drones. Soon he had an army with which he became head partner of Oblivion Hunters. When time progressed and Inquisitors attacked he became a member of League of Unjust. He later returned to Tuchanka where he produced one offspring. And as said his legacy lies within Tuchanka...

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