This article, YMIR A-Type, was written by Terminus50. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

YMIR A-Type is the official classification of the assault variant of the YMIR Mech. They are YMIR mechs plated with Energized plating and Shock Absorbers. Assault YMIR Mechs have been equipped with a different arsenal of weapons, retaining the twin mass accelerator cannons but replacing arm-mounted rocket launcher with a particle weapon similar to that of a Collector Particle Beam and adding a large variant of a flamethrower. The Assault YMIR carries it's explosives in hidden compartments; two missile pods carrying anti-armor homing missiles on it's back and two heavy grenade launchers in compartments on it's shoulders.

The Assault YMIR Mechs look almost exactly like average YMIR Mechs, though the red coloration on their bodies have been replaced with blue. Black Suns that happen to get their hands on them do similar things to them as they do LOKI A-Types; they splatter black paint on them and tamper with their voice modules, making them ridiculously high instead of threateningly low.

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