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Mass Effect Quarian by SiegeRedwolf
Quarian Hacker

Ysai'Vael is a quarian technological expert and skilled hacker. Sold into slavery and purchased by Dr. Warlord, she now exclusively works in ways of creating digital chaos. She is responsible for the theft of more than 6 billion credits from bank terminals across the galaxy, able to do so quickly and inconspicuously. Her talents have served her new master well, but her ability skill with computer hacking is not her only valuable skill. She is an extremely talented pilot and is able to fly any ship through any environment without hindrance.

Ysai'Vael was one of the first people that Warlord recruited as a full-time minion. The fact that she doesn't seem to be completely supportive of Warlord's plans is evident but she dare not speak against his word as she would risk death, or worse, returning to the slave market.

Dossier Edit

- Master computer and AI hacker

- Highly-skilled pilot

- Known underling of Warlord

Ysai'Vael was bought out of slavery by Dr. Warlord, so she feels that she owes him her life. Her loyalty to Warlord far surpasses any disagreement for his plans of galactic domination so it's a fact that she won't think to go against him. Her talents with technology serve both Warlord and herself well and, from what I hear, she has made some connections on Omega, mostly because some of the turians and quarians there have taken a keen interest in her. She is one of Warlord's most trusted minions and is usually always seen at his side. She acts as the pilot of his personal shuttle and also oversees much of the controls onboard the Axiom, Warlord's mobile space station.

Combat Edit

Because her skills in combat are far lacking compared to Warlord's other forces, Ysai will
Baron Mech Squid
make use of the Cthulu Sentry, a vehicle that she created from parts of old starfighters and an ancient Oculus found on the surface of Korlus. The Cthulu Sentry maneuvers through the use of powerful mass effect engines, powered by the vehicles large element zero core. The vehicle has tentacles made of synthetic muscular material, similar to the material that composes the geth, which line the underside of the vehicle. The tentacles are extremely strong and capable of wrapping around vehicles and crushing them. At the ends of the tentacles are sharp hooks which the Cthulu can use to pry open enemy shelters, leaving them vulnerable. On each side of the vehicle, a particle weapon is located which fires an extremely powerful beam that incinerates shields and armor within seconds. Complimenting each particle weapon are grenade launchers which fire highly-explosive projectiles at a high-velocity though at a low rate-of-fire. The Sentry has no kinetic barriers but it makes up for this with it's strong armor plating.

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