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So, Commander, even your asari are trained killers? You get everyone at the same store or something?
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"I have come for you!"

Zero is a mysterious vigilante who traverses the galaxy looking for crime lords to incapacitate and mercenary bands to dismantle. He has a strong sense of peace and freedom and strives to bring about stability in the galaxy by delivering his own special brand of justice to those he views as corrupt.

Zero is a highly-efficient warrior, being incredibly skilled in atleast sixteen martial arts styles. He is also a scalpel-precise marksman, specializing in assault rifles and pistols but being incredibly talented with sniper rifles and shotguns. He is capable of using a medley of different biotic abilities, all of which he is able to perform with surprising precision and intensity.

Background Edit

Zero is a mystery to many, even to himself. With no prior knowledge of his past, he couldn't tell anyone who he was even if he wanted to; the only person who knows that is the Illusive Man. Zero was created in a top-secret Cerberus facility following Commander Shepard's raid on the Collector Base. Long before Shepard went on that suicidal mission, DNA was taken from the Commander's corpse following Shepard's death at the hands of the Collectors.

After DNA was collected from Shepard, the Illusive Man had it taken to a secret lab where scientists would work to bring about the creation of a genetically-modified Shepard-based assassin, after all, if the revived Shepard fell to the Collectors again or the Illusive Man found himself with another problem, he could use a genetically-superior assassin to do his bidding. Zero began development during Shepard's mission, continuing even after Shepard defeated the Collectors.

Zero received periodic gene therapy to further enhance him and, one development was complete, he began his education and training. His entire life, Zero was trained by top Cerberus operatives in many combat styles, tactics, and abilities up until an experimental brain surgery that the Illusive Man wanted performed on Zero that would give him complete control over the young killing machine. The surgery was a failure, however, and caused the complete memory loss of Zero. Not only was much of his memory lost, but Zero had gained many different morals from what he was raised to believe. Now with a strong sense of justice and defiance of imprisonment, Zero escaped from the Cerberus facility with plans of ending any similar enslavement. This would quickly branch out into Zero's obsession with destroying all corruption in the galaxy and bringing about stability.

Abilities & Traits Edit

Zero is far superior to the average human, being far stronger, faster, more agile, and more intelligent. His biotics are far superior to that of normal humans, being even compared to that of experienced asari. Zero heals extremely quickly, a regeneration rate which can be compared to that of the krogan. Zero's reflexes are also far greater than that of normal humans, and many trained soldiers for that matter. He is an expert marksman and a brutal hand-to-hand combatant.

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