This article, Zero Savior, was written by DeadDATA. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

During the Siege of the Citadel in 2189, the Destiny Ascension was caught in the unfortunate situation of having to defend the council and fight back the geth at the same time. To prevent this from ever happening again, the Zero Savior was built, a high-speed evac ship designed specifically for the council. The ship isn't too large, only about the size of a Systems Alliance frigate.

It is powered by a massive Drive Core which gives it the speed it needs to outrun threats. The ship is also highly maneuverable and able of engaging stealth systems. It's armament is made up of two pulse torpedo launchers, a thanix cannon, and a scaled-down version of GARDIAN. It is complemented by kinetic barriers and ballistic armor plating along with sensor disruptors and EMP emitters. For the council, the inside is fit for royalty with an exotic and luxurious feel to it.

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